Our woodland burials provide a respectful and eco-friendly option for you or your loved one.

Woodland Burial

What is a woodland burial?

A woodland burial - sometimes called a green/natural burial - is an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional burial.


You or your loved one will be buried in a natural burial ground/designated section of a cemetery (where available).


The remains are placed in a biodegradable coffin/casket made of a material such as cardboard. The body is generally not embalmed - to avoid any possible environmental harm.


A woodland burial is not usually marked by a headstone, but with flowers or a tree planting. It’s important to bear in mind that it may be difficult to trace the exact spot your loved one was buried in at a future date.

You may find this list of natural burial grounds prepared by the Natural Death Centre useful. 

Why are woodland burials growing in popularity?

In an era of heightened environmental concern, people are conscious of their environmental legacy when they pass away. A woodland burial offers flexibility and doesn't require adherence to conventional protocol or religious tradition. A burial ground will make a peaceful and comforting place to remember a loved one.

Why choose a woodland burial with Haynan Funeral Service?

We strive to provide exemplary and compassionate service from the minute we meet with you and throughout the entire process.

The role of Haynan Funeral Service in a woodland burial

We can help you with all aspects of planning for a woodland burial. We can offer extras to ensure it’s the perfect occasion for you and your family.

The costs associated with woodland burials

In addition to the cost of a burial plot, you may incur a fee for gravedigging or interment. We will set out a breakdown of costs upon arrangement.

Planning a funeral with Haynan Funeral Service

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