How and why we're here for you

We absolutely believe in comparing funeral directors to find a suitable match for you. Here is why we strongly believe you should let us assist you in this difficult time.

Having worked together within the funeral profession for many years, long-time friends and business partners Tim Hayward and David Drynan came to the decision and commitment of starting their own funeral directors whereby they could work by their own ethos and work ethics which they felt were more relevant to their clients. Focusing on being a modern, revolutionary Funeral Directors was at the forefront of their minds and being able to give grieving people that exemplary service at an affordable, honest and fair price was key. This has given our clients and families' relief over financial concerns. See a handful of our wonderful reviews here.


Other than a few necessary added costs (where relevant) that are highlighted to you at the point of arrangement, our pricing is all-inclusive, unlike anyone else in the profession. We do not believe in adding ‘extras’ onto the base price of the funeral, unless it was the wish of the person who has died or the arranging family member. We are able to give you a higher level of care and professionalism at a fraction of the cost, revolutionising the affordability of funeral services currently in the U.K.


The average price of a funeral in the U.K is £3,986 for a cremation or £4,321 for a burial. By choosing one of our services such as our Direct Cremation Service, Simple Funeral Service or Traditional Funeral Service, you could save thousands of pounds to put towards remembering your loved one in a way that is personal to you.

A word from the owners - Tim Hayward & David Drynan

"We're often asked by clients and friends 'What do you mean, revolutionising costs? What's different?' And the easiest way to describe it is to say: The majority of companies would sell you a car but would charge additional costs for the necessities such as wheels and an engine... We don't. We will always give you the option of adding 'extra's' if you wish, however, what we give you is a fully functioning, high quality car at an all-inclusive price. We are completely transparent with everything we do, keeping you in the 'driving seat' at all times. And we are incredibly proud and passionate of what we do."

When should I contact you?

Once a medical professional has verified death and you are ready to do so, you can contact us via telephone or using our online form, where we will be able to assist you 24 hours a day. We will require some basic information, such as the date of birth for the deceased and the location of where the person is resting. We will attend no matter what the time or location, to ensure we support you in your time of need.

Types of Funerals

There are different types of funerals to choose from, there is no right or wrong way to do them, just the way that feels best. They might be religious or non-religious, large, or small and intimate.

Help & Advice

There are a number of practical things that you need to do, along with the funeral arrangements themselves.  We will make it as clear and easy for you as we can.

Arrange a Funeral

We have made arranging a funeral with us simple and transparent, with no hidden charges. To book or enquire now, choose which service you may require.