The Full Traditional Funeral

 £3200 All-Inclusive

Whether you would like a dove release, horse drawn carriage or something completely new, we can arrange everything for you with this bespoke, yet traditional full funeral service at an affordable, fair price.

At Haynan Funeral Directors we believe in being revolutionary and modern while keeping in mind those traditional values that are so important to different generations of our families. We’re here to provide not just a funeral but a full, caring, professional and dignified service to you and your loved one. We do this while keeping those common and unnecessary funeral costs lower than that of any other funeral directors while simultaneously providing that support, transparency and professionalism that you would expect when entrusting your loved one and their beliefs to us.

*For this option, we do ask that a minimum of £1650 be paid before the day of funeral. This covers the cost of the vehicles, crematorium, ministers/celebrants fee and doctors fee's where applicable. An invoice with the full breakdown of service costs and additional selected costs will be presented to you upon arrangement. The remainder of the invoice is required within one month of funeral completion.

Here, we have provided a list of what you will get as a standard service pack from Haynan for the Traditional Funeral Service. We do this to remain transparent, honest and professional so you know exactly where you stand with proceedings right the way through. 

Our revolutionary price for our Traditional Funeral Service (cremation only) includes:

  • Visiting your loved-one within business hours

  • A hearse

  • The minister/celebrant

  • A full service at the Crematoria of your choice

  • An open option of a time and date that suits you (does not include weekend or bank holiday services)

  • The doctor's fees

  • Our professional services

  • Bringing your loved-one into our care

  • A choice of coffin (more information at time of arrangement)

Speak with one of our experienced arrangers for more information on a Traditional funeral.

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With our Traditional Funeral, there are various options and choices at your disposal. We provide this to make sure that the service you require is bespoke to you and your family. We will walk you through every step of the way and provide constant support and information to ease as much of the worry for you as we can.

Types of Funerals

There are different types of funerals to choose from, there is no right or wrong way to do them, just the way that feels best. They might be religious or non-religious, large, or small and intimate.

Help & Advice

There are a number of practical things that you need to do, along with the funeral arrangements themselves.  We will make it as clear and easy for you as we can.

Arrange a Funeral

We have made arranging a funeral with us simple and transparent, with no hidden charges. To book or enquire now, choose which service you may require.