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Funeral Blog: How to Choose the Right Funeral Director for Your Needs

Updated: Feb 23


It's always important to look into reviews from those who have already used the service. Online reviews may not always be credible, so you should always put in your due diligence when researching, but accurate reviews, on Google for example, can give you an insight into how a particular service does business. You can find out a lot about a provider just from seeing what is said about them online. Feel free to google search 'Haynan Funeral Services' and look at some of our wonderful reviews from our families.

Availability of Services

Every person has unique needs when dealing with this deeply personal time in their life. That's why different funeral directors offer various services to cater to each individual's unique needs. You'll want to look at the services offered by a number of different providers to ensure you're getting the service that fits your needs. For example, certain funeral directors focus on traditional funeral services while others are open to more contemporary approaches. One thing to be on the look out for though, is the price. Funeral directors often have a low price to entice clients into using their services. You will then find that the price becomes heavily inflated as they add on 'disbursement fee's' and over charge you for Service sheets and flowers. Always ask your funeral director if the 'disbursement fee's' are included.


As sad as it may seem, many funeral service providers exploit people at this vulnerable point in their lives. They offer overpriced services that often hide costs in hidden extra fees rather than telling you upfront what you can expect to pay. You want a funeral service that offers a fair cost for their services and, if necessary, one that will offer helpful payment options to help you cover the costs whenever you are able to.

You need to focus on saying goodbye to your loved one and getting the proper closure, not worrying about how you'll pay for these end-of-life services. For a compassionate and highly professional service that won't inundate you with hidden fees and charges, consider our team of directors to help with your funeral planning needs. Learn more about Haynan Funeral Services and let us help you say 'Your Goodbye, Your Way' on your own terms.

If you would like any assistance or simply have some questions you would like to ask feel free to contact us via our online chat, email or telephone at

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