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Funeral Blog: Direct Cremation Costs: What Should You Expect?

Updated: Feb 23

Direct cremations differ from traditional funerals in that there is no ceremony on site. More people are opting for this funeral choice to avoid 'making a fuss' and is a common phrase we hear daily. Whatever your needs, we will accommodate at the highest of quality and professionalism.

Having a Family Ceremony at Home

Direct cremation offers you the ability to gather the family and friends of the deceased anywhere you like for a more personal and private service at a time that suits you, as opposed to a gathering at a chapel at a specified time and date.

You can gather your loved ones at a park, in your home, at your favourite church, or anywhere that works for your family. Mourning in a familiar setting is often easier and affords opportunities that other places don't, like digging through old photo albums with loved ones to remember the good times.

What Are the Costs?

A typical burial in the UK will run over £5,000, and a traditional cremation will cost upwards of £3,900. By comparison, a direct cremation carries no expensive hearse, no limousines and a service at the time and place of your choosing. A direct cremation with us will cost a maximum of £1,000 with all of the costs included to keep everything as straight forward as possible.

Is Direct Cremation Better?

This is a tough question, and it really depends on the wishes of the person who has died. If the family really wants a traditional funeral, then we can of course accommodate that. However, everyone wants a chance to say goodbye, and direct cremation can provide time for everyone in the family to schedule time together. It also has the obvious financial benefit of being considerably more affordable than the 'traditional funeral' we are used to seeing.

Pre-Paid Funerals

Even with the low cost of a direct cremation, deaths are unplanned. The added stress of hard times and tight finances can make the mourning process harder. Financial problems should never get in the way of caring for your loved ones.

A 'pre-paid plan' can be a way to get the money sorted out ahead of time. It can also ensure that the deceased's final wishes are being carried out. While having funeral costs covered in advance won't take the sting out of losing someone close to you, it will make the grieving process less worrying. It's one less thing to worry about when a passing occurs and can save family members from falling into the common scenario of 'funeral debt' or 'funeral poverty'.

Please see our Pre-paid funeral plan page for more information: Pre-paid Plans

What If I Don't Want Direct Cremation?

Direct Cremation isn't for everyone, and we offer several plans to families throughout the south east including; Kent, Essex, London and Sussex while our Direct Cremation option covers the entirety of the UK. Our services include both simple and traditional funerals and cremations, in addition to direct cremation.

If you have any questions about our services or immediate needs regarding a lost loved one, we are here to help either via our online chat 24/7 or email.

0333 006 4234

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