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Our funeral service options in Erith

For many, choosing a funeral director is a new experience, and the options may seem confusing, particularly when coping with loss.

Below is a simple guide to the most common funeral services in Erith that we offer, along with 5 important things to consider when making your choice.


A Cremation in Erith Without Ceremony is an unattended, low-cost cremation service. This is becoming a very popular service option in Erith which alleviates the often unnecessarily high funeral costs, allowing you to celebrate their life in your own time with 'Your Goodbye, Your Way.


Our all-inclusive, low cost, simple cremation service in Erith allows you to have a service for your loved one and to celebrate their life in a way that suits you.​

Serving families and our community and providing services throughout Kent, Essex, London, Sussex and our local areas.


At Haynan Funeral Directors we believe in being revolutionary and modern while maintaining and keeping in mind those traditional values that are so important to different generations of our families.

We’re here to provide not just a funeral in Erith, but a caring, professional, dignified service to you and your loved one.​


With the flexibility, lower cost and accessibility, cremation services are now, and have been for some time, the more common choice of funeral in Erith

The cremation caters for most religious and non-religious beliefs and requirements, and cover a variety of service options.


With burials still remaining a popular choice for many religions, within family traditions or even just for personal preference, we at Haynan are here to guide you through the often complicated process of arranging burial in Erith

​5 Key Considerations When Selecting A Funeral Director in Erith

Recommendations and Reviews


A great starting point to check with family, friends or faith leaders for a company that they have had good experience with, or read the reviews of other clients.  Hayan’s reviews can be viewed on both Google and Funeral Guide.



While there are many crematoria and cemeteries across the UK, check funeral directors in your local area first, to avoid unnecessary cost and time in transport. Haynan Funeral Service are based in Gravesend so are particularly well placed to serve Dartford, Gillingham, and Chatham; and cover all of Kent, Sussex, Essex, and London.  Direct Cremations are the exception to the rule – Haynan provide these anywhere in mainland England and Wales.


Most funeral directors sell a service to the family, then start adding 'disbursements' and extras.  We offer our services at an all-inclusive price.  This is a core principle at Haynan – we believe that funeral director pricing should be clear and simple, reducing the potential of added stress at a difficult time.

Covid Considerations


Apart from government restrictions on the number of persons able to attend a funeral, your funeral director should be able to give you a wide range of options like they would have done pre-pandemic. Be wary of companies citing long lead-times and limited availability at crematoriums as an excuse for poor service – as outlined on the latest Coronavirus update on The National Death Centre website.



Does your chosen funeral director offer a range of services, including direct cremation (simplest option) through to full traditional funeral and burial? Can they explain options such as natural woodland burial, and how your service can be adapted to reflect your personal wishes?  Or do they try to restrict options, or recommend an option based on what is easiest for them as a funeral director, rather than your own personal preference?


There are a number of practical things that you need to do, along with the funeral arrangements themselves.  We will make it as clear and easy for you as we can.


We have made arranging a funeral with us simple and transparent, with no hidden charges. To book or enquire now, choose which service you may require.