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Looking for a trusted funeral director serving Sittingbourne?

True to our motto, we at Hayan Funeral Service believe a funeral should be your goodbye, your way.


Our team of experienced professionals can arrange a funeral for a loved one - or help you to plan for your own ahead of time.

Pre-paid Funeral Plans


With a transparent approach, our team can guide you through setting up a pre-paid funeral plan - with our partner funeral planning authority - Open Prepaid Funerals.


Between us we’ll arrange the perfect funeral for you.

Direct Cremation


Your loved one will arrive at the crematorium in a professionally driven funeral vehicle unaccompanied and there will be no funeral service.


Our direct cremation option offers an affordable, simple, yet meaningful way to reflect on the life of your loved one.

Simple Funeral


Our simple funeral offers you a choice of a date for the funeral. Your loved one will arrive at the crematorium by chauffeur-driven hearse in a simple coffin, where they will be reunited with family and friends. A simple service follows, with a minister/life celebrant and a choice of music all included.

Traditional Funeral


Our professional and caring staff can provide those in Sittingbourne with a more bespoke funeral experience, in the form of our traditional funeral. This option includes arrangements for you to be chauffer-driven to the crematorium.

Traditional Burial


You may wish to opt for a traditional burial, and we’re proud to offer this option to you. Our trusted team can manage all the funeral arrangements, bespoke to your needs.

Woodland Burial


Our beautiful woodland burials provide a comforting, and eco-friendly option. We can help you with all aspects of planning a woodland burial in a beautiful setting. We can offer extras to ensure it’s the perfect occasion for you and your family.

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Fees for funeral directors Sittingbourne


Losing a loved one can be a very difficult time. The prospect of inflated and confusing pricing, and perhaps even hidden fees, can make the most difficult of times seem even worse. 


Here at Haynan Funeral Service we’re committed to offering you value for money and transparency from the outset.


The average price for a funeral in the UK is £3,290 for a cremation or £4,383 for a burial. Fees for funeral directors across Kent are broadly in line with the national average. Our fees range from £950 for our direct cremation service (available across England) to £2,995 for our traditional funeral service (available throughout Kent).

Cemeteries serving Sittingbourne and nearby areas


Bell Road (Sittingbourne Cemetery)

Bell Road, Sittingbourne ME10 4HG (and nearby Capel Road) (see map)

Grave space in either a lawn or a kerb plot. Memorial plots for cremated remains.


Halfway Cemetery

68 Halfway Road, Minster on Sea, Sheerness ME12 3AT (see map)

Grave space in either a lawn or a kerb plot. Memorial plots for cremated remains.


Love Lane Cemetery (Faversham Cemetery)

1 Love Lane, Faversham ME13 8JQ (see map)

Grave space in either a lawn or a kerb plot. Memorial plots for cremated remains.


Murston Cemetery

Side of Murston Church, Church Road, Sittingbourne ME10 3RU (see map)

Part of the cemetery belongs to All Saints Church.


Iwade Cemetery

Sittingbourne ME9 8FP (see map)

Grave space in either a lawn or a kerb plot. Memorial plots for cremated remains.


For further listings of local cemeteries and crematoria in surrounding areas to Sittingbourne please consult our Kent page.

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