Direct Cremation

From £950 All-Inclusive

Our most cost-efficient option for those who didn't want a fuss or wish to put their money toward a memorial event at a later date.

What is a Direct Cremation?

A Direct Cremation or 'cremation without ceremony' is an unattended cremation service that maintains the respect and dignity of the person who has passed while keeping the service requirements, and therefore cost, low. As there is no service, it means you as a family are able to choose your own way to remember your loved one, at a time and place that suits you when you're ready.

*For this option, we do require full payment to be made before the day of the funeral.


→  Bringing your loved one into our care

  Keeping your loved one in our own, modern facilities

  Arranging and completion of all relevant paperwork

  Provision a simple coffin

  Conducting the ceremony using a funeral vehicle

  Dedicated team to support you whenever you need us

  Return of the ashes to you* or scatter them at the crematoria at no extra cost

 *Ashes returned for an additional £50.

Not included

× Visiting the person who has died

× Choosing a date, time or location

× Attend the funeral

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Often chosen for its affordability and alleviation of the unnecessary costs, our Direct Cremation Service is a frequent choice for families that do not wish to have the added pressure or expectations of an expensive coffin, flowers, vehicles, orders of service and many more.


Opting for the Direct Cremation would help to put the money towards a future memorial event. With our market leading and revolutionary low-cost options, you could save thousands of pounds whilst having a calmer state of mind, knowing that Haynan is taking care of your loved one's funeral arrangements and doing right by them and you.


We will never compromise our quality of care or service regardless of what funeral option you wish to utilise. Our pricing includes all of our professional fees, cremation fees and doctors fees. Unlike many companies, we believe that the price we charge is all inclusive. We only charge additional fees for the return of ashes via a courier and if the coffin required is oversized.


You are always welcome to contact us by any means comfortable to you should you have any questions related to prices, or  other enquiries.

Why choose a Direct Cremation with us

The average cost of a funeral in the UK has doubled in the last 10 years, and 1 in 8 families now go into debt trying to pay for one. At the same time, most people today would prefer a personal send-off as opposed to being formal or traditional.

With our direct cremation service, we take care of your loved-ones cremation for a fraction of the cost. This gives you the option to arrange a unique memorial service that’s right for you and your family.

When should I contact you?

Once a medical professional has verified death and you are ready to do so, you can contact us via telephone or using our online form, where we will be able to assist you 24 hours a day. We will require some basic information, such as the date of birth for the deceased and the location of where the person is resting. We will attend no matter what the time or location, to ensure we support you in your time of need.


There are different types of funerals to choose from, there is no right or wrong way to do them, just the way that feels best. They might be religious or non-religious, large, or small and intimate.


There are a number of practical things that you need to do, along with the funeral arrangements themselves.  We will make it as clear and easy for you as we can.


We have made arranging a funeral with us simple and transparent, with no hidden charges. To book or enquire now, choose which service you may require.