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If you are planning for the future or someone has died, we are here to help - from £950

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The only Funeral Director with all-inclusive pricing

Here For You

Having been in the funeral profession for over 15 years, we knew we were able to help families further by offering a higher level of professionalism, respect and time for the person whom has passed. We take away the often unnecessary funeral costs which are profit-driven and focus on supporting you, not only financially but with a service that is tailored to you and the person who has died. With this, we are able to cut funeral costs by up to 75% in comparison with most funeral directors.

Being a smaller, local funeral directors, we are able to dedicate more time to our clients and ensure we are able to give you Your goodbye, Your way.

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Here For Everyone

With many funeral directors offering a variety of services and hidden extra's, it can be difficult to decide who to trust with your loved ones final journey in Gravesend, Dartford and Medway. We strongly believe in our modern, honest and completely transparent way of providing you with this and are proud to have served our families with wonderful feedback.

 We currently serve our clients in Kent including Dartford, Gravesend, Maidstone, Medway and London.

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We are proud members of the Fair Funerals Pledge. For more information, click here.

Funeral with a Difference
from £3600

This Bespoke Funeral Service is an entirely new way of celebrating a persons life. In most respects, it is similar to a traditional funeral but without the pressure of having to attend the service at a conventional crematorium. Why not have the service in a converted barn? Or a stately home? With this option, the choice is entirely yours. This truly is a special and unique choice of service.

Full Traditional Funeral
from £3200

The most utilized choice by our families; this service option will give you everything you need for a full, memorable goodbye, including:

  • A minister or life celebrant/humanist

  • Your choice of crematoria including the date and time (does not include weekends or bank holidays)

  • A Funeral Vehicle that you can follow from an address of your choice to the crematorium. Limousines are also available.

  • The doctors fees and all arrangements completed on your behalf

  • The use of our chapel of rest for as long and as frequently as you require

  • Our professional services

  • A choice of coffin (more information at time of arrangement)

Attended Simple Funeral
from £2,400

This service option is suited to families who wish to take more control over costs, allowing us to save you, even more so, from those traditionally expensive funeral bills. If you select this service, you can expect:

  • A minister or life celebrant/humanist

  • Your choice of crematoria at an early time (9am or 9.30am)

  • Funeral Vehicle directly to the crematorium

  • The doctors fees and all arrangements completed on your behalf

  • The use of our chapel of rest for as long and as frequently as you require

  • Our professional services

  • A simple, yet beautiful coffin

Unattended Service
(Direct Cremation)
from £950

A Direct Cremation is an unattended, low-cost cremation service taking away the unnecessary traditional funeral expenses, allowing you to celebrate their lives with your goodbye, your way. Your loved-one will be cared for by us until the day of their cremation. You will be informed and updated during every step of the process, allowing you to reflect in your own way at the time of cremation. Their ashes will be returned to you, should you wish.

Planning Ahead

Our pre-paid plans are designed to make things simpler and more cost efficient when planning for the future.

Pre-paid funerals are a way of allowing your family to understand what your final wishes are and to enable you to secure the cost of the service before the time comes and before inflation rises the costs of funerals.

Burial Funeral Service

At Haynan, we can help you through what can be one of the more complex funeral processes. Our service makes it as simple as possible for you and your loved ones and will ensure that your needs are met. A burial funeral usually consists of a service in a local church or cemetery chapel. This is followed by a few words at the side of the grave (either traditional cemetery or Natural Burial Ground) before the committal. As required, we can also work with you to include some personalisation such as a dove/balloon release or graveside flowers etc.

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What our families say

5 Star

We lost our teenage daughter tragically after she was hit by a car whilst jogging. You never expect to have to think about a funeral for your child. Tim and Dave not only helped us to give our daughter the best ceremony to celebrate her life, but they also helped us to find comfort in knowing that her final days of rest were treated with the best care and attention. We wanted our daughter to feel safe and loved and they went out of their way to ensure that she had all her things around her and that she was taken care of. They went above and beyond after difficult and unfortunate circumstances in the hospital to ensure that we could spend as much time as possible with Ellie until her ceremony. They were kind, caring, compassionate and they gave us the opportunity to give our little girl the celebration of life which has already inspired others whilst bringing them comfort too. A ceremony which has already touched and changed the lives of many. Even after the ceremony, the care has continued.

They are true angels in dark times. We cannot ever thank them enough.

- Jody F

December 2020